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07/01/01:I finally got the Thermalright SK6 Review posted.

06/23/01:Thinking about getting a Geforce 3?Well then you might want to check out Super-D's review of the Visiontek Geforce 3

5/12/01:Heatsink Roundup Part I My first attempt at a review Check it out let me know what ya think;)

5/10/01: Interview with OCHO :MTP
Dont laugh,[Ed - Please feel free to laugh at MTP] I'm not a reporter. I did however get Scot of OCHO to answer some of my lame questions for you guys to see how things got started at OCHO and where they are headed. Check it out here

4/19/01: Semi-Long Term Review:MTP
Ok it took me awhile to get this posted, mainly because of work. I cover allot of stuff, but not everything of course. I tried to be "non" biased but it is a little hard when you own 4 Abit motherboards. You can check it out here.

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Heatsink Roundup
Thermalright SK6
VP6 Long Term OCHO Interview
Visiontek Geforce 3
Bios Logo Mod
Thermalright CB-6L Dynatron DY1206BH-638
IOSS RD2 PC Geiger

Lian Li PC-76
YY-0221B cube

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